A to Z Challenge: F- Fickle

Fickle – adjective | fick·le

Changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affection.


Mother nature is continuously flipping a light switch somewhere

Two days ago, it was 76 degrees

Photos of those pink blossoms filled my camera

I tossed my light jacket off at a stoplight

Rolled down the windows

The same way thunder and lightning rolled in the next day

Today, it’s 47 and windy

The cherry blossoms and plants don’t know what to do with themselves

They bloomed, greeted by sunshine and the flash of tourists cameras

The tidal basin packed with food and people

Celebrated and marveled

Fickle nature has them wishing to return to buds

Ripped away by the winds

Falling from the stem and shriveling up

Hoping that next year’s bloom is treated more kindly.


Kira Elise








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