A to Z Challenge: G is for Giant

Society gives us the ability to overindulge. Big gulps. Extra large popcorn, party sized bottle of Vodka. In college, I walked past a bottle of UV Blue and said to my roommate, “Who would ever need that much?”. She said, “Someone will drink it. Whether it’s for an entire party or just someone who drinks a lot.” I got a smaller bottle and it tools months to finish.

I couldn’t help but think about that poor person’s liver who bought the larger bottle. I was in the grocery store taking pictures for a grad school app (Yes, that may sound weird) when I came across giant marshmallows. One is almost too big for a regular sized s’more.

Who thought to make a marshmallow that big? Where were they during my years of camping with Girl Scouts and then my youth group. I’m pretty sure if these had existed my cavities would have been worse. You’d probably lose “Chubby bunny” after stuffing one in your mouth.

There’s article upon article about eating healthy and watching what you feed your children, but I doubt they were thinking about the consumers well-being when they made these. Diabetes is real. My grandmother deals with it now.

All I can think about is the money someone makes because her body doesn’t regulate her sugar properly. I hate to be that cynical about the world, but what’s the purpose of food and drinks that big?

Kira Elise


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