Why AMC Canceling ‘Into the Badlands’ Sucks

It’s coming back but not for long and that absolutely sucks after waiting months to hear any news. Another show with a diverse cast and awesome scenes is canceled. Do better AMC. Any Badlanders out there with me on this?

Source: Why AMC Canceling ‘Into the Badlands’ Sucks

‘Into the Badlands’: “Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire” Recap and Review

For any of my followers who are also Badlanders, please check out my recap for last night’s season two finale of Into the Badlands. In the season two finale Sunny finally came face to face with Quinn and blood is spilled. Who made it out alive and who didn’t?

What did you think of the episode?

Source: ‘Into the Badlands’: “Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire” Recap and Review

A to Z Challenge: I is for Into the Badlands

Busy day, short post. I don’t know how I just discovered Into the Badlands last month. I binged the first season right after Iron Fist came out and people were watching and live tweeting Badlands instead.

One of the series main characters is Sunny played by the talented Daniel Wu. If you love amazing fight scenes, legit king-fu, and dystopian worlds, I would check it out. Another plus for me is that a woman of color is also a main character. 

If you don’t have time to watch a long show, have no fear. Season one is only six episodes. Season two is currently airing on AMC Sundays at 10 PM.

Kira Elise