‘Legion’ Recap and Review: “Chapter 15”

I’m alive. I’ve just moved to another state and started advertising portfolio school for copywriting. The curriculum has been a lot from day one but really great. I’m still trying to keep up with all my favorite shows and write reviews though. My hope during my first break is to catch up on my WIP. I’ve had to put it on the back burner since I got into school.

Anyway, check out my recap and review of this week’s Legion!


Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder with David and the others at Division Three.

Source: ‘Legion’ Recap and Review: “Chapter 15”



All Things Awesome Con

I had to close out my last weekend living in the DMV area with a bang. I could think of nothing better to do than attend Awesome Con at the Walter E. Lee Convention Center  on March 30 through April 1st. The convention launched in 2013 and has grown every year since. I got to meet Stephen Amell (Arrow), check out John Boyega (at a distance), and chat with and support great artists. I got a ton of pictures and wanted to share a few.

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Happy World Poetry Day

I’ve always had a certain relationship with poetry that I’m sure many people can relate to. Even as someone who’s always loved prose and the written word, it took me a while…a very long while to appreciate poetry. It wasn’t until college in an advanced poetry writing class that I actually enjoyed reading and writing poetry.

I’m appreciative that I had a professor who opened my eyes to the many different styles and types of poetry. I had always enjoyed others forms of writing because teachers in the past had always made us stick to so many rules when it came to writing poetry. We had set rhyme schemes, specific line numbers, etc. Even our free verse poems had guidelines.

It also didn’t help that I’ve always been harder on my poetry than I am my fiction and non-fiction creations. Poetry has always felt deeper to me. Words straight from my emotions and life experience. That’s one thing that I’m trying to incorporate into my other writing even though I’m writing from the perspective of a character who is not me; to create a character with their own unique life experiences and emotions that resonate with the reader while never losing or forgetting the plot.

Poetry, I know I was tough on you before, but you’ve taught me quite a bit about expression and turning feelings into words. I apologize for my abuse of the style as an adolescent. Those were some cringeworthy things on my journal pages.

Happy World Poetry Day, everyone!


Song of The Week: Still in Wakanda

Happy Friday!

I’ve been busy, but in that busyness, I’ve had a ton of music playing while I work. February was a good month, especially with the release of Marvel’s Black Panther. This week’s song has been on replay since it was released as a part of Kendrick Lamar’s BP inspired album. This week’s pick is “Pray For Me” by The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar.

It’s one of my favorite songs on the album and a great collab between Abel and Kendrick. I would actually love it if they made more music together. Not only was Kendrick’s album great but the film itself and it’s score were awesome. Shoutout to the score’s composer Ludwig Göransson, who also worked with Childish Gambino on his album Awaken My Love!.  Göransson also worked with Coogler before on Fruitvale Station and Creed.

The lyric video for “Pray For Me” dropped yesterday so check that out below.

What was your favorite song on the Black Panther album?

If you haven’t seen the film yet and want a spoiler-free review, check out the one I wrote on My Fantasy Sports Talk. If you’ve seen it, check out the article anyway and leave your thoughts on the movie. Thanks!


Wednesday Words

Words carry a lot of weight. For those who write, you’ve more than likely experienced those moments where you sit for a while thinking of the perfect word to describe something or a piece of dialogue to really bring life, tension, and a new energy to scenes.

In regular conversation, the wrong words or slip of tongue can change everything. That’s why I like to do these posts to share some positivity and some motivation. I don’t know what people are going through individually unless someone confides in me, but I like to pick quotes that resonate with me. My hope is that they resonate with someone else too.

A day early, but I myself needed a little boost a bit sooner. Here are today’s “Wednesday Words”



Enjoy your week despite setbacks and negative words spoken against you and your goals. Cast them down and keep moving.