A to Z Challenge: R is for Restoration

Restoration: the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.


The last few months, heck the last two years have been draining. Graduating and not knowing where I was going was like a lead weight tied around my ankles. Having to help others, only to see no growth or feedback was draining. Then losing a woman who was like another mother to me and then my grandfather, my last living grandfather, just a month later took its toll.

Now, as my loved ones, family friends, and I continue to heal, I find peace in the idea of restoration. Of finding comfort in the things I love. In completing graduate school apps that make me think of the next chapters of my life.

Restoration is a nice idea. You will fail. You will lose people and things. Putting things back in order or at least to a point of comfortable thinking and living is important. Things will never feel or be exactly the same, but the act of picking up pieces is growth and an achievement in itself.


Kira Elise


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