30 Day Music Challenge: Day 20 & 21

Happy Friday!

Day 20’s prompt is “A Song that Reminds You of Your Mom”. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that admire and appreciate my mom so much. Whenever we go on family vacations, we end up having jam sessions when we’re forced to switch from our regional radio stations. A few years back in the mountains in Pennsylvania, I discovered her love of classic rock. The song that reminds of her is “Down Under” by Men At Work.


Day 21’s prompt is ” A Favorite Song With a Person’s Name in the Title”. No song jumped out at me for this one. I thought a while and I was transported back to middle school. I wore fingerless gloves, wore too much eyeliner, and probably freaked some people out for a while. My mom hated when I listened to Screamo music.

As a woman of color, plenty of people told me to stop acting white. Jokes on them, I still listen to some of the same music I did then and I love my melanin skin. My pick is “Helena” from the emo and scene kid favorites My Chemical Romance. RIP MCR. Please get back together and make more music.


Kira Elise


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