A to Z Challenge: K is for Kites

I had a kite once as a kid. My grandpa tried his hardest to show me how to use it. I tried my best to follow his instructions, but it was a fail. I remember getting so tangled up and frustrated. Our backyard is fairly large, but the trees were the real enemy. No matter what direction I guided the plastic toy, they’d ensnare it in their branches. Today, I came across the picture below in a Google search.

I really just want to ask the beach goers how they did it. I couldn’t even get a standard sized kite to fly properly in a backyard. Hey, you! How did you manage to get a giant panda flying with coastal winds blowing?

Failing at something and seeing others succeed at it sucks. The irritation and self-doubt you feel right after the fact is never a fun place to be. But, I always start to think about the things I’m talented or good at that others are not. Life’s about balance. You can’t be good at everything. You have to let someone else fly their kite. You go on and fly your plane.


Kira Elise

2 for one special today since I missed yesterday. Stay tuned for L.


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