30 Day Music Challenge: Day 13 & 14

Happy Friday!

Today, I’m combining day 13 and 14 of the 30-day challenge. Day 13’s prompt is One of your favorite 70s songs. I may be a millennial, but I love funk music. My mom is a huge Earth, Wind, and Fire fan, so I discovered them through her. My pick is “Boogie Wonderland”, which came out near the end of the 70s. I almost went with “This Place Hotel” (Heartbreak Hotel) by the Jackson Five until I realized that came out in 1980.

Day 14: A Song You Would Love Played at Your Wedding

When I was younger, I had a list of songs for my big day. Who knows where that is now. The first song to come to mind when I saw this prompt was “You & I” by John Legend.

Kira Elise


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