A to Z Challenge: H is for Hosanna

As Palm Sunday came to a close yesterday, I went, “Oh crap, I didn’t do my challenge post.” Then I remembered it was Sunday. As Holy Week get underway for Christians and Passover approaches for my Jewish friends, I couldn’t help but to think of those who lost their life in Egypt yesterday.

While I was able to peacefully worship and teach youth group, others were not. In America, we fear threats but seem to forget the same threats are very real and even closer in some instances for others over seas. 

Let’s hope the coming week is better than last for humanity. For human decency and logical. For unselfish decision making. For love and compassion for others. 

While Christians read and discuss the scriptures about Jesus’ arrival in Jersusalum (Matthew 21:1-11) and the joyous cries of “Hosanna!” may we keep those around the world in our thoughts as well.

Kira Elise


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