A to Z Challenge: D – Daunting

Speaking out can be daunting. In the last few years, especially with last year’s election, it seems that more people are doing so. It seems like it’s occurring more than ever, but it’s probably because of the public sphere of social media. You can see comments and thoughts from thousands of strangers in seconds.

As a writer, it seems weird that I’d find speaking out scary or daunting. I have no problem sharing my views with my friends and family. When it comes to my stories, I’m happy to share. The idea of arguing with strangers online just seems exhausting. If I’m angry or passionate enough about something my social media followers will more than likely hear about it. But sometimes, I’m too emotionally drained to share my opinion online.

After enough happens, it seems redundant at times to share my displeasure. I understand it’s important now, more than ever to speak out and that makes me nervous. I don’t want to chase away future readers or agents, but I want to be true to who I am and what I believe. As dauntless as I wish to be, it’s harder to put into practice.


Kira Elise


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