Tuesday Talks: The Hashtag Game

Happy Tuesday, folks!

Today, I wanted to talk about hashtags on Twitter. After the NaNo Hop, I gained a new crop of amazing followers. It wasn’t long until I started noticing daily hashtags on my timeline like #2bittues and #Musemon.

These aren’t just your usual #amwriting tweets. People drop lines from their WIPs and all kinds of things. It took me some time to find the source of the hashtags and try and follow along. It’s harder than it looks. Each week there’s a different theme for each day. Can I really be expected to search through my WIP to find a line that includes a specific word or theme? Sure, some people know all the tricks and shortcuts for finding words in a document. I am not one of those people. Instead of writing, I found myself scanning my story to find the perfect line. I wanted to be involved.

It didn’t take me long to get fed up with the practice. I realized that one, I wasn’t deep enough into my project to decide on which lines to share and which lines were going to be gone down the road. I didn’t want to use something to participate and possibly draw interest if it wasn’t going to be there later. Second, I found it easier to participate in the daily prompts where you answer questions about your WIP. I love the #WIPJoy and #Authorconfession “games”. Those are a bit easier. I skip some days when I feel like I’m not at the point in my work to answer a particular question, but I still enjoy it.

For writers new to sharing and interacting with other writers on Twitter hashtags can be daunting. There seem to be rules for some of the activities too like no retweeting if you’re not a literary agent and so on. Maybe there’s some kind of guideline or ‘Twitter for Writers’ site or blog I can check out. Until then, I’ll stick to the easy hashtags.

Kira Elise


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