Tuesday Talks: Bittersweet End

When I was fifteen, I wrote a certain way, loved certain shows, and overused certain character tropes. As The Vampire Diaries comes to end after eight seasons this week, I am reminded that not only do our taste change because we get older, but they also change because we grow in skill, knowledge, and common sense.

Eight years ago, I was a devoted TVD fan. Now, I’m begrudgingly hanging on to see the end. Between the writing and dealing with some over the top people in the fandom, it’s been hard to continue watching. If someone would have told me I would have to sit through only three good seasons, and five not so great ones, I would have stopped watching.

There are plenty of things I ended up disliking about the show. The biggest two are the treatment of Bonnie Bennett and the Delena pairing. I feel so strongly about it I wrote an article for My Fantast Sports Talk about it that’ll be up soon. I don’t know how the book series dealt with everything but the show turned sour for me. It’s been hard to watch a show that mistreats a fellow WOC.  Bonnie was used as a magical tool, “died” a number of times, and has lost everything.

Maybe after it all ends I’ll write something longer on the series.We shall see. Any TVD fans care to how they feel as season 8 comes to an end?

Kira Elise


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