Tuesday Talks: Building a Portfolio

Happy Tuesday folks!

Anyone who seeks to write professionally knows about building a portfolio. It’s a creative resume. An advertising agency won’t hire an art director without a portfolio, the same way an agency, newspaper, or media outlet won’t hire a copywriter or writer without one. It used to be your writing samples. Now, it’s a website or a nicely put together physical collection.

When I was a senior in college, I knew about resumes, cover letters, and having a few samples of your work available. Neither the Mass Communications or the Creative Writing departments required or talked about portfolios. Now, on my journey to become a copywriter and a published author, I feel that I’m floundering at times.

They don’t tell you that portfolio school can cost just as much, if not more than your undergraduate degree program. I was recently looking into a school where the materials needed for the program were more than a semester at my alma mater. I’m at the intersection of applying to positions with what I have through freelance, volunteering, and internships, planning my finances for a possible portfolio or graduate program, writing a book, and continuing to build my portfolio with the opportunities I have now.

I won’t stress myself trying to look back and think of what I could have done differently. Life is life and you keep going. With that said, if you love television and movies, check out some of my articles at myfantasysportstalk.com. I write about Teen Wolf, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Pitch and more.

For all you creatives out there, what are some of the best tips and resources for building a resume?

Kira Elise



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