Tuesday Talks: Lost Time

In life, you make plans and then things unfold that change them. My plan was to hit 50,000 words on my WIP this month. Spending two weeks being sick and losing my voice for several days were not a part of the plan. For some, it’s not physical illnesses that force a shift but mental. Trying to find the energy, motivation, or just simply peace of mind to do much, let alone write, can be a struggle during those times. As a writer, it feels to me like trying to start a car with no gas.

As we get into February, I look back at not just the last week that has been beyond hectic and emotional with the unexpected loss of my grandfather, but the last month. I now find myself frustrated as I shift last month’s goals and tasks into this month’s pages in my bullet journal. I cringe at what feels like lost time.

This week, I’m coming to terms with loss; of time and of a loved one. Writers experience a change in plans all the time from that line you love being crossed out by an editor, to having to give up on that WIP we loved but simply couldn’t finish. A change of plans can lead to better things. Even if in the moment it makes us cry, lose sleep, and stress, the other side may just be brighter.

Kira Elise


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