Tuesday Talks: Good Ol’ Pen & Paper

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m back with another Tuesday Talk. As we near the end of NANOWRIMO, I wanted to talk a bit about an experience I recently had.

With so many digital resources for writing available, I was surprised over the weekend that I pulled out some blank college-ruled paper and a pen. I sat down and started writing some ideas that had come to me for the next part of a chapter I was working on. I didn’t time myself or give myself a limit, I just wrote.

By the time I stopped, I had written quite a bit. I was surprised when I counted it up that I had written more than I usually type when I sit down for session. Maybe it was because opening a window and browsing Tumblr wasn’t an option. Maybe I reminded of the writing sprints my professors had me do so often at the beginning of writing courses in college. Whatever it was, it was really productive. This experience reminded me of conversations where people talk about print dying; magazines, newspaper, books, etc.

While there are now digital magazines, newspapers have online platforms, and e-books are a big thing, hard copies still exist for the most part. You can read a book on smartphones and tablets, but sometimes there’s nothing like good old fashion paper. I love the feeling of physically turning a page, of using a bookmark. My mom got me a new one, a bookmark that is, for my birthday last week and I was actually excited.

Electronic devices can die. And sure, you can’t read at night without a little help from a light, but paper isn’t dead. So, if you ever find yourself staring at the computer screen with your fingers hovering over the keys, try pen and paper.

Kira Elise


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