The Perfect Song

via Discover Challenge: Song

When the bassline and the lyrics echo in your head even after it stops playing. When even without lyrics the music makes you feel something. The instrumental that makes you cry because you feel the emotions or the drama of the song without a voice telling you how to feel. The EDM song that you can’t help but dance to and the energy you feel vibrating through your body as a result.

I can never forget the night I stood on a crowded dance floor and the music was so loud that I could feel the beat in my chest. Moving in sync with a crowd is an unforgettable feeling. Sure, sometimes crowds can get overwhelming but there’sthenug-PYRX1SQ74z.gif nothing like singing along with everyone in a room or an arena. Standing side by side with people at a concert who love the same artist as you. Who cried during the same song on the album or pick the same go to song when they’re feeling down. And sometimes you can feel very Star Lord about your music. But don’t be greedy, share the love.

Halfway around the world, someone might be listening to the same song as you. Someone might be dancing alone in their room or belting out lyrics with their friends the same way you do.

The cool thing about music is that everyone finds something different in it. There’s a difference in what makes a perfect song for you and for me. There are millions of different formulas. My formula; lyrics about more than material things and petty drama, a bridge for me sing even more enthusiastically than I did the chorus or the verses, and emotion. If you grab my heartstrings, you’ve guaranteed another listen. Last Hope by Paramore is one of those songs. I’ve even had the experience of seeing it performed live.

What makes a perfect song for you?

Kira Elise


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