Tuesday Talks: Prepping For NaNoWriMo

Happy Tuesday!

National Novel Writing Month is right around the corner and while I’m sure we’re all excited to participate or even just be a part of the discussions that will circle the writing community, for me, there’s also a bit of nervousness. As a young writer (yes, I consider 22 still young despite others having published earlier), I’m not extremely well-versed in the industry. I don’t know the ins and outs and terminology for everything.Seriously, sometimes I’m scrolling through a forum or on a blog and I’m like:



While I love the idea behind NaNoWriMo, I also think about the pressure behind it. For some cranking out 10,000 or even just 1,000 words a day might be just one great idea and a cup of green tea away. For me, I’ve been on pause and know I’m going to have to kick my own butt to stay on track.

I’ve always told myself that great things can’t happen if you don’t work for them. Things don’t just fall into your lap. That novel isn’t just going to finish itself. It takes someone behind a keyboard, pen, or pencil stringing together words to create the characters readers fall in love with and the imagery that can take them to another place.

So as we approach NaNoWriMo, a message for not only myself but to all of us writers who aren’t sure how next month will turn out.

Sure, some people will finish their entire novel next month. But, if you don’t, you haven’t failed. NaNoWriMo is to get you writing, to help you make progress, and chat with others going through the same thing you are. Don’t let yourself get discouraged if you miss a day or two. Keep going! As we get closer to kick-off think about what you’re going to write. Start outlining and brainstorming. Start tossing around ideas with your writer friends. My comment section is always open for that too!

Happy writing!

P.S. – For my U.S. peeps, register to vote! JUST DO IT! giphy-1

Kira Elise


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