Song of the Week

I’m finally back with new songs of the week. We’ve got so much new music in the last few weeks, from a long-awaited album from Frank Ocean, an album from Young Thug, and announcements of a new album from Bruno Mars and DNCE’s first full album. Mars’ first new single 24K Magic was released just last night and DNCE’s album is due out on November 18th.

Overall, 2016 has been a great year so far for music. Everything else might be a little crazy, but artists have been giving us tunes to blast when we’re tired of hearing election news and people arguing over immigrants, police brutality, and everything else under the sun.

This week I picked two songs because both of these ladies came out with great albums. My first pick is Cranes In The Sky off of Solange’s album A Seat at the Table. My second pick is Gemini Feed by Banks.

Cranes In The Sky is so soulful and real. Solange doesn’t hold back from telling her story. The accompanying visual directed by Solange and her husband Alan Ferguson felt like watching a museum exhibit in motion. The whole album speaks to the experience of being black in America and the many emotions that come along with that especially in light of more current events. With songs with titles like Don’t Touch My Hair and Rise, come lyrics like:

Don’t touch my pride
They say the glory’s all mine
Don’t test my mouth
They say the truth is my sound

(Don’t Touch My Hair)


Walk in your ways so you won’t crumble (so you won’t crumble)
Walk in your ways so you can sleep at night


Banks’ album Altar is emotional as well but for a different reason. This post break up album will give you all kinds of feels if you’re getting over someone or feeling a little jilted.

Gemini Feed has lines like “And to think you would get me to the altar.” and “Convinced me other people didn’t care about me.” that are relatable to those who have dealt with toxic partners or thought things would end in wedding bells.

What songs did you have on repeat this week?

Kira Elise


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