Joining in on today’s The Daily Post prompt. Enjoy!

Perplexed; baffled, puzzled. Another word for confused. Confusion beyond the point of comprehension.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve reached this point. I become perplexed, especially by people. It’s hard not to now a days. I scroll through timelines and comments and wonder how people can type and publicly say such things. I wonder how anyone can freely type hate and argue with complete strangers. I watch anchors and “experts” discuss issues.

I wonder what they’re like with their families and friends. I question how they were raised. I think about what they do in their daily lives. Do they sit behind a computer all day? Do their loved ones know how they talk to other people? Or is this a secret persona only released onto the strangers on the internet who they may disagree with.

It’s worse when you’re perplexed by people close to you. Like your family. People who you grew up with and expect to know more about. Sometimes people change or maybe you’re just older and can see their flaws and complications.  As a child, I couldn’t see how unhealthy their behaviors were. Now I do. Now that they’re more focused on me, because I’m an adult more involved in conversations. Now that I can drive and run errands. Now that I have skills and talents someone can benefit from.

I am perplexed by the world often. Sometimes for more positive things. I am perplexed by the science of the rain and cloud, and the sky. Sure, we learned the water cycle as children and it may have come up in a test question, but I can’t see the process concretely with my eyes. I can’t catch the water molecules rising.

I can feel the dew on the grass with my bare feet and if I sit long enough I can watch the ground dry. The water evaporate but then it just disappears.

Just like that person in my life, I don’t completely comprehend it all. I can catch a few tangible things; words, reactions, etc. Is there a science behind them? Or is this something I’m just left to be perplexed about.

Kira Elise



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