Tuesday Talks: Side Projects

Happy Tuesday everyone…even though it’s almost over. Oops.

I’m back this week with another #TuesdayTalks. I’ve been a little MIA because after I returned from New York, I got sick and now I’m on another trip.

This one is more so for my creatives out there. I know I’m not alone but it sure feels like I am when I’m writing and I get an idea for another story, poem, or character in the middle of a project. I find myself putting my main work on pause to start side pieces like short stories and fanfiction.

For the last two months, every time I go to work on my main project I end up cranking out a page if not more for one of my side projects. While I still think about my novel and its characters and storylines, I’ve hit a snag in actually adding to it. I decide to write and then end up working on other writing projects. Productive, but not in the way I want to be. Does this mean I’ve lost the love I’ve had for that work? I’m not sure.

What is your stance on working on multiple projects at once or taking a break from your main work to focus on something else? It it strictly forbidden in your creative process?

I see both the benefits and the trouble with working on more than one thing at a time or taking breaks to explore different characters and plots. The benefits: taking a step back if you’ve hit a block in your writing while staying actively creative. Developing other characters and their stories can help you figure out how to use other characters and ways to flesh out anything from back stories, dialogue, and personalities.

The trouble is getting so distant from your main project that you either lose the motivation to refocus yourself.

I’d love to hear about some experiences you’ve faced while working on a project whether it be a novel, song, drawing, sculptures, etc.

Kira Elise


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