Tuesday Talks: Taking Big Steps

Happy Tuesday everyone.

I’m traveling this week, but I made sure to slide this one in while I’m tucked away in my hotel room for the night. This week, I’m visiting the city I want to live and work in very soon. It’s my first time traveling this far alone and it was a big step. I’m legally an adult and have been out of college for a year, but I still got teary-eyed saying goodbye to my mom. The somewhat silly part is that I’ll only be gone for a week.

I wondered to myself if just being gone for a week made me so emotional and nervous, how will I handle moving away eventually? The answer, I’ll just have to.

In life, we get new opportunities and chances that can change our lives, but only if we let them. I could have said no to the program I’m attending this week. I could have let my fears keep me at home. Instead, I talked to my family and got all the detailed figured out before hopping on a train.

Big steps are nerve-wracking. There’s really no way to get around that, at least in my opinion. Yet, if we truly want to grow and move forward, these steps are necessary.

Feign confidence in your path, even if you’re not sure of it. As I was told today by the CEO of a major advertising firm, “It’s okay not to be sure.”

Kira Elise


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