Song of the Week

Happy Friday everyone. After an emotionally trying weekend and week, I couldn’t go very far mentally to decide what song to pick this week. Today’s pick is an old one and is in honor of the late Christina Grimmie. Before she was on the voice, she captured millions of views with her covers and personality on YouTube. She had amazing talent and I am happy that she got to the point that she did, even though she deserved so much more. Before Orlando, she played a show in Washington, D.C. that I was bummed to miss. To think I’d never get the chance to see her perform live is a concept I’m still trying to grasp.

My pick this week comes from a 2010 collaboration between Christina and Sam Tsui. another talented singer. It was of the first videos of Christina’s that I watched and I was immediately blown away by her talent. Her channel was my gateway to so many other YouTube performers. Check out the video for  their cover of Just a Dream by Nelly.

Rest in Peace Christina.

If you’re looking for some new music this week, check out Nick Jonas’ Last Year Was Complicated.

Kira Elise


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