Tuesday Talks: Awesome Con DC Part One

Happy Tuesday folks!

This past weekend I went to my first comic-con esque event and it was pretty cool! Washington D.C. hosted TV and movie stars as well as artists, and other comic and manga exhibitors for the fourth annual Awesome Con at the Walter E. Lee Convention center. This was my first time attending an event like this, although I was supposed to go last year with a friend. Unfortunately, when William Shatner cancelled his appearance she decided not to go. At the time, I wasn’t fond of attending a huge event by myself.

This year, I got over that and went by myself. It was so cool to see fans of a lot of different fandoms new and old, dressed up in cosplay, and some with their kids. There was an entire family dressed as Jedi. They were pretty legit.

I took to the Metro into the city and despite fewer trains on the tracks and preparation for construction getting underway the commute wasn’t bad. I didn’t have to deal with any delays and the trains weren’t overly crowded either way.

When I first arrived, I was surprised at how big the convention center was never having been inside. Lines had already formed, so I grabbed myself a program and hopped right behind a fellow nerd. I took in all the amazing cosplay costumes and was a bit sad that I couldn’t pull one together in time. Instead, I rocked my favorite Avengers t-shirts, jeans, and my go-to Vans. My plan was be Elektra from Daredevil, inspired by Elodie Yung’s portrayal in the Netflix adaptation, but that didn’t work out.

The exhibit hall was huge and packed with so much merchandise that I didn’t know where to begin. I wandered around and took in all the great artwork, buttons, posters, t-shirts, housewares, and so much more.

I grabbed a few great things that I’ll share in a later post this week. I was in awe at the variety and the inclusion. It seemed that not one fandom was left out.

At this point my phone alerted me that Matthew Lewis’ Q&A panel was set to begin in twenty minutes. Awesome Con used the Guidebook app, which included schedules, maps, photo galleries, and the option to add specific events from the schedule to a personalized schedule. This feature was so helpful. So with that notification, I hustled up stairs and escalators to Hall D.

If you’re a part of the Harry Potter fandom then you should know you Matthew is. He played Neville Longbottom. His latest movie is Me Before You, which came out on Friday. Even from the audience, I could tell that Matthew is quite the charming guy. We got to hear about his first day on the Harry Potter set, his reaction to less than splendid line delivery, and so much more. You can check out the full panel on Fox’s Kevin McCarthy’s Facebook page. Kevin moderated the panel and did awesome..

After this panel, I rocketed back down to the exhibit hall to get in line for my photo-op with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actors Brett Dalton and Elizabeth Henstridge. I’ll tell you all about meeting them and the rest of my day at Awesome Con in part two.

Kira Elise


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