Tuesday Talks: Awesome Con DC Part II

I’m back with part two of my Tuesday Talks about my experience at Awesome Con DC this past weekend. At the end of my last post, I told you guys about the Matthew Lewis panel (which was a pretty cool experience) and how afterwards I had to run all the way back down the bottom level for a photo-op.

Here’s the result of my track star behavior.


That ladies and gentleman is Elizabeth Henstridge and Brett Dalton of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which airs on ABC. They play Jemma Simmons and Grant Ward, respectively.

I was very nervous, but lucky I hid it well. They had the duo situated behind a backdrop and a curtain so you couldn’t see them until you were about three people away from your turn. When it was my turn they were very friendly. Elizabeth gave me a nice squeeze and a bright “Hi!”. Brett was really nice and greeted me as well. I situated myself between them, smiled and that was it. With an “it was nice to meet you” from Brett, I had to move along. The encounter couldn’t have lasted more than 30 seconds, but it was enough to make my eyes water and my hands shake afterwards.

After getting my picture printed out, I had to once again hustle through the convention center to get to Brett and Elizabeth’s Q&A. Why they scheduled their Q&A immediately after their photo-ops, I don’t know. With a seat not too far back, I got to experience Brett’s humor and the friendship that the pair had. It was clear to see that despite their characters’ differences on-screen, they love working together.

Once the panel was over, I wandered around the exhibit hall once again admiring cosplayers, artwork, and the plethora of goodies. I would have loved to meet and get autographs from some of the other guests like Arrow‘s John Barrowman, Gotham‘s Robin Lord Taylor, and Star Trek‘s Karl Urban but that was sadly out my budget. I did though, walk past their booths slowly and admire them from afar.

To wrap it up, I had a great time. I didn’t stay all day to attend Karl Urban’s panel at five because I had three hours to kill and only $10 left to spend. There was just too much enticing merchandise for me to hang around. I  will definitely come back again next year. I only wish that things weren’t scheduled so closely together. I understand they needed to get through a lot of activities and such, but it wasn’t fun rushing around.

Now I know to save up more and be prepared to channel my inner track star. I’m also hoping that another convention doesn’t get greedy and hog the big name Marvel stars like Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Hayley Atwell like Philly’s Wizard World did this year.

Kira Elise


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