Tuesday Talks: A Writer’s Disappointments

Happy Tuesday folks. Hopefully you had your fill of grilled foods this past Memorial Day Weekend, but you also remembered the significance of the holiday. For me, I was finally about to visit my grandfather’s grave at the Maryland Veteran’s Cemetery and it was a difficult but somewhat comforting moment.

Today’s topic is a writer’s disappointment. Over the last few years that I’ve gotten serious about my writing, I’ve discovered some of the struggles and disappointments that arise. Some of these are universal disappointments that can happen regardless of what path or career focus you take. As creators we may feel like our disappointments are unique to our industry but that’s not always true.

For  writers, disappointment can come from a variety of places. At times you will feel it towards yourself if you miss a deadline, can’t figure out how to finish a certain scene, or when you know you can do better. You feel disappointment in yourself and your skill when your entry doesn’t win a contest or when your manuscript is rejected or ignored.

You can be disappointed in others when they don’t understand why you write, or when don’t understand your passion for your characters and their story. I think this for me is a struggle because it’s hard to make others understand your passions. It’s impossible for me to have some grasp the adrenaline I get, for example, when I play softball if they’ve never set foot on a field and been up at bat with two strikes.

As humans we can be extremely hard on ourselves if something we’ve put time and heart into doesn’t come together. The only way I know how to overcome disappointment is to keep going. You get rejected, you try again. Nobody understands what you’re doing? Put yourself people who do; other writers, other creators.

Don’t let disappointment cripple you.


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