At The Movies: Captain America: Civil War

Be warned, if you haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War, this post contains spoilers. Don’t ruin the movie for yourself.

As I mentioned during last week’s #Adweekchat, I was introduced to Marvel and comics as a kid watching X-Men cartoons on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many comic book stores near where I live. I know of just one. I’m sure there are more but they are still undiscovered to me. When Marvel studios was born and began producing films, I was all in. Most of the films have not disappointed. That is just one of the reasons why I was so excited to see the newest Captain America film. It may also help that Chris Evans is one my favorite actors and he’s easy on the eyes.Civil_War_Final_Poster

My mother and I were second and third in line on May 6th to get into the theater. It was a Mother’s Day present of sorts. We both loved this movie and here’s why.

The film had great humor. There was a good amount of one-liners that were evenly spaced so it didn’t take away from seriousness of the film but also kept it from getting too dark. One of the reasons why I loved Ant-Man so much was because it was funny.

Paul Rudd and the writers brought the laughs. They also did a good job of making Spider-Man funny as well. His excitement and age-based quips gave him a great presence. I’ve seen more than one person say Tom Holland as Peter Parker was one of the characters that stole the movie.

Speaking of screen stealing characters, I have to talk about T’Challa aka Black Panther who made a spectacular MCU debut. T’Challa is played by Chadwick Boseman, who played iconic roles like Jackie Robinson in 42 and James Brown in Get Up. It seems fitting that he would play another iconic man of color. You can see my reaction to his character below.


As a woman of color, it was very exciting to see Black Panther come to life on the big screen. It was also nice to have more than one POC in the cast of this superhero film; a genre that has those far been dominated by white men. With his solo film on the horizon and a growing cast of POC, it feels like great things are in store for representation and the MCU universe. Doesn’t mean we’ll forget about Tilda Swinton role in Doctor Strange. *side eyes Marvel*

Some of my favorite scenes and moments were:

  1. Bucky’s motorcycle moment. You could hear the gasps and exclamations of awe in the theater when Bucky snatched that motorcycle. My mom said, “I’ve never seen a motorcycle stunt like that in my life.”
  2. “Can you move your seat up?” Sam and Bucky’s moments were great. It was nice to see somewhat of a frenemy situation develop between Cap’s two friends. Their witty banter was a nice alternative to glares and jealousy over the others’ friendship with Steve. The memes have already begun in fandom land.
  3. The introduction of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. The entire visitation by Tony was golden. There were so many great lines and I loved when the costume dropped from the ceiling and Peter dove for it. His character as a whole brought a smile to my face. While I was a fan of Andrew Garfield in the role, I wasn’t disappointed by Tom.
  4. The stare down between one of T’Challa’s Dora Milaje and Black Widow. Florence Kasumba only said four words, but I was so into it. The tension was great. I would love to see a showdown or a sparring match between her and Scarlett’s Widow. Whenever someone gets a little too close I’m now tempted to say, “Move, or be moved.”
  5. Steve and Bucky’s chat on the quinjet. It was good to these two have a moment to themselves to talk and be a little more relaxed if only for a few minutes.


There were some scenes that many didn’t like. For example, the Steve and Sharon (Staron) kiss. For some it made Sharon Carter only valuable as a love interest. But, I was okay with it. Why? Because they had been developing something between this pair since Winter Soldier. There was growing chemistry just from the small moment they shared in the hallway of their apartment building.

Was the timing a little strange? Maybe. Peggy had just been buried, but maybe it was her death that made Steve ready to move on. I’m sure Steve wasn’t pining after his elderly former love up until she died. He had to have come to that realization that it wasn’t meant to be between coming out of the ice and her funeral. The kiss also wasn’t a declaration of love. It was quick kiss. There were no promises made between them.

Let’s not forget Sharon went up against Bucky and showed off her skills, that she allowed Steve and Sam to hear what was going on in the interrogation room, or that she brought them their gear without which they’d be pretty useless. Let’s also not forget that this relationship is canon.

Is it a little weird that they write Steve falling for Peggy’s niece? Probably. As much as some may hate it, they’re sticking to the comics on this one whether it’s a fan favorite or not. Some people in the fandom are pretty angry about the scene and I can understand why, but for me I didn’t hate it.

Overall, I loved this film even though it felt like Avengers 2.5 and not just a Captain America movie. I went in TeamCap and I left as much. I could see Tony Stark’s reasoning for supporting the Accords, but I wasn’t convinced his was the right side nor did I like the way he treated Wanda or went up against Bucky and Cap after he found out the truth about his parent’s death. Did he have the right to be upset? Definitely. Should he have gone off the wall and tried to kill Bucky, a brainwashed assassin who had undergone years of torture? No.

We’ll see if the team comes together again to face-off with Thanos in a few years when Infinity Wars Part 1 comes out. Until then we wallow in their separation. Tell me some of your favorite moments? What did you think of the film overall?

Kira Elise


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