Tuesday Talks : Graduation Season

This past weekend I attended my best friend’s college graduation. Later this week, I will attend another best friend’s graduation. It is both a joyous and  bittersweet occasion. Joyous because my two friends, along with so many others who worked so hard are seeing their hard work, all-nighters, and stressed days come to fruition. College was not easy. There were times where both of my friends were unsure about the track they were on, unsure about themselves. They both pulled through and I couldn’t be more proud.

It is bittersweet because on the 21st I will have been out of college for

My Graduation 016

My graduation day last May

a year. This time last year, I was putting the final touches on my cap and packing my apartment up. I didn’t imagine I’d still be looking for a full-time job a year later. I didn’t imagine the ups and sharp downs that I’ve experienced during my search.

I didn’t imagine that no one would understand the work I was putting into my novel and the kind of commitment it takes to write. It seems only fellow writers understand that even though I’m unemployed, my writing is like a job at times. Thankfully, I have parents who support my love of writing. My mother, who writes herself, is a great sounding board for advice, and encouragement.

While the class of 2016 becomes more competition in the workforce, I am confident that I will end up where I am supposed to be. I am confident in the skills I gained in getting my B.S. in Mass Communications. And that’s what it takes now to hold on. In a world where you never seem to be doing as well as others, you have to remain grounded in who you are and what you know.

To the class of 2016, be confident in yourself. When your e-mails and applications go ignored after you put so much effort into cover letters, getting recommendations, and so on, don’t give up. Think about your next steps. Maybe graduate school is for you or maybe there are volunteer positions in your industry. You can also do what I am doing while you wait for that full-time job to come your way, freelance. There are opportunities in most industries to freelance you just have to find them.

Try out indeed.com/freelance or this site that I’m just getting aquainted with.

Congratulations and welcome to post-graduation life!

Kira Elise


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