Thank you to my teachers

I didn’t get around to a Tuesday Talks post this week sadly. Seeing that it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, I wanted to take the time to say thank you to those who taught me over the years.

From elementary school all the way up through undergrad, I’ve been blessed with some amazing teachers. My kindergarten teacher, Ms. Gibson, was strict but lovely from what I can remember. She had a policy where we learned 100 new words that school year. I’m grateful for her and the fact that she didn’t just teach us the basics. She went above and beyond. I have nothing but good memories of that year. 15989623840_4876a1ef3d_z

One of my other favorite teachers was my first grade teacher, Ms. Colbert. She was kind and I remember smiling a lot in her class. We had pizza parties, skate parties, and lots of fun activities. Because I had a great foundation those first few years, I was reading above my grade level and surprising my 4th grade teacher when I didn’t need help with certain words or concepts.

Thank you to every English teacher I had. You all made me fall in love with language, exposed me to classics and contemporary literature, and authors who shaped my imagination. Your teaching and your encouragement to read and to create for ourselves is the reason why I’m where I am now. I can say without my junior and senior honor and AP english teachers (Mrs. Williams and Ms. Coelho) I wouldn’t be working on my first novel. Without Ms. Coelho, I would have never entered the poetry contest that saw my poem included in the Library of Poetry’s annual student poetry publication that year.

Without my creative writing professors in college I would be more nervous than I already am when it comes to people critiquing my writing. Those workshop sessions did wonders for my confidence. Thank you for teaching me techniques regarding format, character development, plotting, and so many more things that make a great piece of work.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for putting up with me in middle school when I went through a phase that included talking a lot in class, black nail polish, punk pop and screamo music, and fingerless gloves when my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and his ultimate passing. Thank you for allowing me to reschedule exams when I had to miss class for softball games. Thank you, Mr. Mitchell for tolerating me when I wanted to learn how to play “cooler” songs in intermediate piano instead of what was in the book.

Thank you!

Kira Elise


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