Tuesday Talks: When You Don’t Feel Like It

My passion is writing. I write lists. I write poems. I write flash fiction, non-fiction, but mainly I write fiction. But, there are times when I don’t feel like doing what I’m passionate about. It can be a saddening thought to know I want something so bad; to finish my book, to share my creation with the world, with the classmates who had to read and critique the first draft of chapter one during my senior year in college, with my former Writing Fiction professor who’s the only person who knows what’s supposed to happen in chapter two.

Is it because I look at my friends and see that they’re out and about doing things that the world considers bigger and more important than writing a book? Is it because even though I’m making money with freelancing in the industry I got my degree in, my grandparents and extended family keep asking me how the job search is going? (Same old, same old, grandma!)

No matter the answer, there is an amazing things I like to refer to as, “in spite of”. In Spite of how I feel, I must do. In spite of what others say, I will do. It also helps to know I’m not alone. To see the thoughts and words of others via the #amwriting tag, I can see that I’m not alone when I have my moments of doubt, of not feeling like it.

How do you say stay motivated when you just don’t feel like it? When people don’t get your passion?

Kira Elise




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