Song of the Week

Happy Friday guys and gals! I’m back today with another song pick. Music is the first thing I decide on when I’m getting ready to write, workout, read, or clean. So sometimes there’s a song that gets stuck in my head or becomes my go-to pick for a while. This week’s pick is Never Forget You by Zara Larsson featuring MNEK. The 18-year old Swedish singer came to my attention via Pandora. My first listen I had to stop what I was doing and give it my full attention. Has that ever happened to you? An unfamiliar songs comes on and you’re hit with a “Woah, what is this?” moment.

I’ve seen more than one comment saying that Zara’s voice reminds them of Rihanna but with a bit of Adele’s soulfulness blended in. The song, while backed by a dance beat, has lyrics that are heavier than most songs in the genre. MNEK’s vocals are amazing and vibe well with Zara’s alto voice. I’m hoping that Zara has a long career with songs that I’ll have to play on repeat.

Check out Zara and MNEK’s amazing performance on The Ellen Show last month and let me know what you think. Yay or Nay? Also, pass along any music recommendations you think I should check out.

In honor of Prince, I’d like to include my favorite song from him. Below, you can find a live performance of Purple Rain. I was doing okay for the most part yesterday until I listened to the song. The falsetto bridge came post epic guitar solo and my eyes immediately watered. What a voice! What talent! We’ve lost another legend.


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