My Bucket List and Why You Should Write One



I’m sure that sometime during my childhood, I made a list of all the things I wanted to do. I can guarantee that most them involved meeting some celebrity or something to that effect. I’m also sure that I would have a long laugh if I were to look at that list now. Sadly, who knows where that scrap of paper is now. Over the years, the list of things I want to do and the goals I have set for myself have drastically changed. That’s not to say that I don’t have some very silly or cliché things on my updated bucket list.

While they may seem morbid to some, bucket lists are a great way of setting goals for your life. I made sure to mix in a few achievements that may be a bit of a stretch because just the thought of doing them makes me smile. The point is to have fun and think about what you want to do with your life. While you never know what the next day may bring, I believe a list of things to reach makes it worth while.

Some may say, “Why give yourself false hope?” I say to them that limiting your goals and dreams is a way to make sure they never happen. If I tell myself I’ll never meet Idris Elba or Chris Evans then I’ll never try to do just that. I’ll see the opportunity to attend an event where they’ll be and end up discouraging myself from going because “There’s just no way I’ll ever meet them. There’s going to be so many other people there.”

My advice, don’t think about the things that society tells you need to have accomplished to say you have lived a fulfilled life. Think about your passions, things you’ve always talked about doing but haven’t gotten around to. Sit yourself down in a comfortable, play some music, and just go for it!

Check out my list:

  1. Visit the U.K.
  2. Be an extra in a television show or movie
  3. Get published again
  4. Travel to Hawaii
  5. Try Thai food
  6. Go to the red carpet premiere of a movie
  7. Finish my book
  8. Get said book published
  9. Own a house
  10. Dye my hair purple
  11. Visit Tokyo
  12. Learn how to drift (I enjoyed Fast & Furious a bit too much, maybe)
  13. Test drive a Range Rover
  14. Meet Nick Jonas
  15. Own the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe DVD/ Blu-ray collection
  16. Get Benedict Cumberbatch’s autograph
  17. Be on Wheel of Fortune
  18. Attend a NYFW (New York Fashion Week) show
  19. Go to live tapping of Late Night featuring Jimmy Fallon
  20. Meet Idris Elba
  21. Try a Cosmopolitan
  22. Own a house
  23. Own a car
  24. Pay off my student loans
  25. Help pay off my mom’s student loans

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