Tuesday Talks: Grand Opening Ups and Downs

Happy Tuesday folks,

If you read last week’s post, you know that I pushed this particular post back a week to talk about something major that happened in the Teen Wolf fandom, which I’m still not over. Without further ado, I’m going to share my thoughts of an adventure of sorts that I went on during the first weekend of this month.

I attended day two of the grand opening weekend of the NYX Professional CosmeIMG_4785tics’ store at Tysons Corner Mall. This may sound boring to some people, especially those who aren’t into makeup. For me, this the first time I’ve ever gone to the grand opening of anything. I also have a love of makeup and beauty.

I got there right as the store opened at 10 a.m. There was a major line. When I say major, I mean a long one that required three sections separated by NYX themed stanchions that went the length of that section of the mall. I ended up in section three (sad face emoji).

What I Liked

While standing in line was no fun, we were given treats like red lip-shaped cookies, muffins, and beverages. There were also mini iPads floating around where we could enter to win a gift card or some kind of discount from NYX.

I also had the pleasure of being behind and in front of some pretty nice women who I ended up chatting with over the almost three hours we stood together in line. We talked about where we were from in the DMV area, what items we were hoping to grab from the store, and general small talk to keep ourselves entertained, despite the DJ that was present and filling the mall with music.

Another thing I liked was the NYX photo booth that was set up outside of the store. It had fun lipstick props that customers could pose with and lighting ring for quality photos. NYX seemed to take over that whole section of the mall with an information booth in front of the store, the stanchions, the DJ, and a pink carpet to bring it all together.

On the digital side of things, there was even a Snapchat filter for the event. The NYX team also had a Snapchat story to watch for the day. From a marketing standpoint it was an attention-grabbing sight. A few shoppers even approached those of us standing in line and asked about the event.

What I Didn’t Like

Unfortunately (and this is my own fault for not getting up earlier), I was not there early enough to win any kind of discount or get a wristband that would allow me to attend the Meet and Greet with make up artists @Alexfaction and @Jordanhanz. I was close though because the last few people with wristbands were only about fifteen people in front of me.

Another thing that caught my attention was that it seemed that as the morning progressed into the afternoon the staff wasn’t up and down the line chatting with excited customers like they were earlier. It also got to the point where plenty of people, myself included, were seated on that pink carpet because the line didn’t seem to be moving. I understand not wanting to rush customers once they were in the store and it only being day two for employees, but I wish there more activities for those outside of the store to partake in.

The three-part separation of the lines was very strange and made it feel like we were line even longer than we were. There were definitely times that I contemplated getting out of line and just coming back on a different day when the crowds dwindled. I stayed because I thought or at least hoped that NYX would give those in attendance a discount or something special.

In the end, I was wrong. If you weren’t one of the first people there you didn’t get anything special. Also, all the items in the store were regularly priced.

Overall, I’m glad that I got shop in the new store. It was nice to see such a variety of NYX products as opposed to shopping online or trying to find what I need in a beauty supply store. NYX’s prices are very reasonable, so I didn’t cringe too bad at my total for what I got. I just wish that a grand opening event would warrant some kind of deal for shoppers. The store is a little bit out-of-the-way in terms of location but with Tysons’ Metro access, I’m sure I’ll visit again.

Was I crazy to stand in line for almost three hours? Maybe. Would you stand in line for something that long? Maybe. Check out some pictures from the event below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kira Elise


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