Tuesday Talks: Teen Wolf and How they failed with Arden Cho

Welcome back to another Tuesday Talk. Today’s post is a little late because I had initially planned to write about something else but my mind has been flooded with thoughts about Arden Cho and her departure from MTV’s Teen Wolf. So, I’m going to talk about that today instead of what I had originally planned.

I’ll start out by saying that when Teen Wolf premiered, I had just graduated high school the week before and was super excited about a new supernatural show. I was already a big fan of CW’s The Vampire Diaries and the Teen Wolf promotions drew me to the show. Not to mention that Maid in Manhattan was one of those films I had seen a million times and Tyler Posey, who played Jennifer Lopez’s son  Ty in the film, was going to back on my screen. Five years and five seasons later, I’ve graduated college and I still watch despite some dissatisfaction with how the story has played out over the seasons.

Arden joined the show in season 3B as Kira Yukimura, the shows first character of Asian descent. She was adorably awkward and the first thing she did was help the pack solve their issues. Although some say that Kira was only meant to be on the show for one season, that didn’t happen. She became one of my favorite characters, and not just because we have the same first name. Kira was always looking to help even when she was terrified and she brought representation as a woman of color.

Here’s what upsets me most about Arden’s departure.

  1. How it was handled. 

It seemed that Arden genuinely thought she was going to be a part of season six. Any professional company should be able


Screenshot from Tumblr user obriencho

to tell someone they will no longer be a part of a project once the part they’ve worked on ends or even before then. It also makes me angry that on her last few episodes it seems that her scenes were cut without her knowledge (See the picture to the right).
When Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, Daniel Sharman, and Colton Haynes decided to leave the show the information was given to us by MTV’s media vehicles.

MTV told fans nothing this time around. Arden herself had to come out and make a video announcing it before she left for a trip because she knew after her speaking events in Chicago people would start talking and asking questions. She loved working on the show and wanted to stay too.

Even an entire day after she broke the news, MTV still hasn’t released anything on the subject.

2. Kira’s Storyline

In her video, Arden mentioned that with a show that has so many characters there isn’t always enough time for everyone’s stories. Teen Wolf writers should have made time for Kira. They gave us a great back story about her family history, tie-ins with Japanese culture, and made her an important character only to have her disappear…literally, for entire episodes.

They gave us the badass Japanese kitsune and the Japanese culture when it was relevant for Stiles and his battle with Nogitsune, but then turned it into an uncontrollable sert of abilities that needed to be put in check. And sadly that control was only available outside of Beacon Hills. Not like her 900 year old kitsune mother knows anything about controlling the fox’s powers without having to drag her child to the deset….

After Scott’s relationship with Allison, I wasn’t sure any other relationship would feel real, but his relationship with Kira was real for me. I even ended up like it more than I did his first relationship. There was so much room for growth in her abilities as a kitsune, her confidence in herself, her relationships with the Pack, her dreams of college, and her relationship with Scott.

If they don’t bring her back before the end of show, we’ll just have to assume she’s gone off with the Skinwalkers to train and never came back even though we all know how much she loves Scott and there was a promise between them that she would come back.

I could say so much more especially regarding the treatment of POC in television, but I’ll leave it at that for today. I’m wishing Arden the best and I know that her talent will be of great value somewhere else. I know the Shadowhunters fandom wants her on that show, but I like the idea of her as Kate Bishop. There are plently of great characters for her to play. Thank you, Arden for sharing your talents with the Teen Wolf fandom. Teen Wolf producers and writers, get it together before you run your show even more into the ground.

Kira Elise


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