Migrating back to WordPress

When I started my first blog in high school it was just blurbs about my day and pictures of my outfits taken in my backyard or porch. I cringe when I look back at some of those posts. At the time, I just wanted a place to write even though I’m sure no one was reading it. Back then, I thought WordPress was to difficult. 


One of those old OOTD pictures

In college, I took a class where I had to blog to a grade. It wasn’t fun and my WordPress “Reader” feed was slow because I had no idea that there was a mass of bloggers out there. After the class, I jumped to Blogger and went for it, mostly because my favorite blogger appeared in Teen Vogue and said she used Blogger.

An older me realizes I didn’t make the decision based on the blog I wanted to run. Now, I’m coming back “home”. I’ve imported my posts from Blogger and am working on getting this blog up and going in terms of look and content. I’m excited to connect with some great bloggers and read your content.

With that being said, bear with me if things look a little bare or a widget it blank. I’m working on it!

Kira Elise


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