2016: This is My Year

Happy New Years everyone!

As we head back into the normal flow of things this week, post-holiday season, it’s easy to fall into the same habits and schedules. For me, I’m trying to reboot and get the ball rolling. By the time May rolls around, it will be a year since I graduated from college. There’s quite a few things I would like to get done and be progressing towards by then.

With that being said, I thought I should let you know that you may be getting a few less blog posts from me for while. Why?

1. I’m writing my first novel. Writing has always been a passion of mine.  It’s one of the reasons why I minored in creative writing. By the time I turned 18, I knew it wouldn’t be my full time job. I never completely put it on the back burner though. So while I’m on a quest for full-time work, going to interviews, and on the cusp of starting my career, I  am writing and it isn’t always a walk in the park. Take George R.R. Martin’s current situation for example. #amwriting

From Gifphy

2. Researching for and applying to jobs takes time. Yes, a job posting and the salary mentioned might be nice. But, what kind of reputation does the company have? Am I interested in the clients they have? Do they have ethical practices? Does the office have an atmosphere I want to be in every day of the week?

Those are the questions I have to answer for myself before I get going on a cover letter.

3. Planning, Learning, and Experimenting. I started this blog because I like to write. Initially, it was all about fashion and the clothes I wore. Then, I realized while I like fashion and clothing there were far more fashionable people who were far more invested in designers, industry trends, and taking pictures of their clothes every day. Did you really want to see me and the sweatpants I wore to class?

Over the last few months, I’ve begun to reshape this blog. From content to the design, I’ve switched things up. I’ve also been hopping around the web to see how I can improve my blog; looking at advice from the pros and cataloging tips and tricks to improve readership, SEO, and even the option of making money from blogging.

In fewer words, I’m very busy and I haven’t even mentioned everything I’m up to. I’m more than ready to get this post-graduate show on the road.

See you soon,

Kira Elise


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