Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

Dear sixteen year old me,

It’s your junior year of high school and a lot has happened recently. You know, so no need for me to remind you. Unfortunately, things are going to keep happening. Your feelings will be hurt, you’ll want to quit softball, and you’ll second guess yourself. Fortunately, some of those things will help you grow. Some will become your favorite memories from high school. You’re going to realize that you can’t be friends with everybody and some people will only be your friend when it’s convenient for them.

Don’t be discouraged by people who make fun of the purple hair extensions you wear because your mom won’t let you dye your hair. Those same people will be dying their hair red or some other color that’s brighter than purple. In a few years people will be dying their hair all kinds of colors. Imagine this; people will dye their hair gray on purpose and it’s going to look pretty cool.

You’re going to have a really bad day where you’ll end up crying in an empty hallway at school. It’s going to be okay. Your best friends will be there to cheer you. Get up and go to class. Another thing, although your mom can be frustrating, listen to her. She knows what she’s talking about.

Despite your concern about college, you’re going to get into every school you apply for. Although you won’t be able to afford to go to your top choice school, know that your final destination leads you to meeting some amazing people. And even though you didn’t get recruited for softball, you’ll play club in college and have a great time. Those four years will be full of laughter, tears, growth, discovery, drama, late nights, migraines, and friendship.

You’ve done pretty good for yourself so far and the journey has only just begun.


Less than a week until 22

Throwback to  Spring 2010



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