Song of the Week

JoJo at the 2015 MTV VMA Awards
From Getty Images

Another week gone by and another song has caught my eye. The honor this week goes to JoJo and her single When Love Hurts. The single is one of three new songs dubbed the “tringle”, her first musical release since 2004. I remember singing my heart out to “Too Little Too Late” and “Leave” when I was in elementary school and knew nothing about relationships or love admittedly. The lyrics aren’t my favorite because I’m not a fan of the “true love hurts” ideology, but because it’s her comeback I’m more willing to a little bit forgiving.

The song is definitely more Pop than R&B, a combination that was equally balanced the last time we heard from JoJo. With time comes changing music enhancements and software. Auto-tone is seemingly normal in the industry nowadays. Which is why I wasn’t surprised to hear some auto-tone during the chorus. I’m glad that she didn’t let her legal battle keep her from returning to music, because her voice is amazing. JoJo is now signed with Atlantic Records and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here. I suspected she was planning a comeback when she started increasing her social media presence. Now, I’m off to listen to the other two singles!

Update: Adele had to go and slay me this morning by dropping her new single Hello this morning. I couldn’t NOT mention her. If you haven’t already seen the video and thought about calling your ex, check it out below. Her album 25 comes out November 20th.



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