Song of the Week

Anyone who knows me know that I’ve been in love with the Jonas Brothers since I was in elementary school. I lost my voice when I saw them for the first time at Six Flags when I was 13. That is why it’s no far stretch to say that I am a huge fan of Nick Jonas and his solo career. My song of the week is Levels.

While I was expecting him to use another one of his songs from his self-titled album, maybe Teacher. I’m not complaining about new music at all. Levels clearly reflects Nick’s love for Funk and R&B music. The bass line is fun and makes it hard not to dance as we can see Nick doing in the video.Who knew the guy could dance? Not super well, but it’s still dancing.

The video is fun and sexy, but I could have done without the scantily clad girls. It made it feel like Nick was trying a bit too hard. You’re single, Nick. We get it. (slides into his Twitter mentions). You can check it out and judge for yourself.

Honorable mention of the week, How Deep is Your  Love by Calvin Harris and Disciples.


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