What inspires you?

Last night, I saw a blog prompt online that simply asked, “What inspires you?”. It’s a common question and one I’ve had to answer more than once in writing classes.

I’m inspired by what’s outside my window. It’s the easiest place to look and one of the first things I do when I wake up. I take in the way the sun hits the trees or the variations of grays in the clouds on overcast days. I look out for birds and any other creatures who might be lurking about.

Photo by Rob Ellis

I’m inspired by music. Songs are my backdrop for all things creative. Music, although its own type of noise, quiets my mind and helps me block out all other outside static. This is one of my favorite playlists to write to.When I’m out and about or in a certain moment, I like to imagine a song that fits the emotion and situation playing in the background like in a movie.

I’m inspired by my dreams. Somehow, I manage to have very vivid and detailed dreams. My subconscious creates patterned drapes, road exits, and a whole cast of extras. The premise for the novel I’m working on came from a dream I had. The first thing I did when I woke up was find a pen and write down as much as I could remember.

One of my biggest inspirations is time. If I’m stuck on a project, whether it be a press release, graphic for social media, or a story, I take a step back and go do something else for a few minutes. If I’m not on a deadline, I take more time. Give it a break for that day and move to something else. I find in the middle of another thought I’ll get a flash of inspiration and a big idea hits me. These are some of  my favorite moments.

Don’t limit your inspirations to people. If you find yourself lacking inspiration simply look around you. Try turning on some music. Close your eyes and let your dream world conjure up something. Let time do its work.

Kira Elise


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