My Trend View: Pastel and Gray Hair

Hey everyone!

Summer is coming to a close and I’m sure everyone has perfected or tried to perfect their desired summer look by now and are prepping for fall favorites like scarves and boots. This post is dedicated to a brave look that I’ve considered but haven’t found the guts to try out; pastel and or gray hair.

As you’ve seen all over magazines and social media the trend of pastel and gray hair is still popular. I’m surprised it’s lasted this long honestly, especially among celebrities. I mean there seems to be a new trend every week for them. I think the long life of this trend comes from the versatility of the look. There are so many colors and options to rock. You can go with highlights, ombre, dying only the ends of your hair, or maybe even just the back. I’ve seen it all.


Kelly at the 2013 SAG Awards
Getty Images | Fraizer Harrison

Starting in 2013, Kelly Osbourne was one of the first to dye her hair a pastel color. Kelly was the perfect person to start this trend (I’m assuming she did. If I’m wrong, sorry) because of her status on Fashion Police, before the Zendaya hair comments made by her now former co-host Giuliana Rancic. At first, I was on the fence about her lavender hair but it has since grown on me. The trend grew on others too as girls around the globe joined in and dyed their locks a variety of shades including cotton candy pink and sky blue. 

It’s not hard to keep up with the trend since media outlets seem to go crazy every time some celebrity changes their hair. With girls testing out lighter and bolder hair, it wasn’t long before the color gray caught everyone’s fancy.


If you google “gray hair” the first results will be women in their 50s and 60s. Try out gray hair Tumblr or gray hair young ( I got a laugh out of that option). Personally, I would never dye my hair gray. I’m fine with waiting until I hit my later years so it can just happen naturally. Now, just because I’m not down with dying my hair the shade doesn’t mean I don’t like it on other people. 

My advice is be sure of how light or dark you want to go with your gray before you head to the salon. You might go in wanting something closer to a deep gray almost black color and come out looking like Storm from X-Men. Check out some instances where it looks great, the first is a friend of mine who’s always getting the jump on trends in both beauty and fashion. It’s kind of her job and passion to do so as a stylist. Check out her website.

With a fierce haircut, Ariana went for an almost white shade of gray. 

Now check out looks from one of my favorite Instagram users, Marycake. The first is her take on pastel ombre, going from a navy blue to a sky blue. The second, an ombre look featuring gray. This girl can work any look and I’m a little jealous!//

A photo posted by @marycake on Dec 27, 2014 at 1:14pm PST


What do you think of these looks? Are you brave enough to try a pastel or gray hair color?
-Kira Elise

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