Thought of the Day: #TheBlackOut

Hello loves,

Happy Friday and happy Black Out Day to everyone participating in the social media phenomena that has landed #TheBlackOut and #BlackOutDay in the trending topics on both Twitter and Tumblr. Today, my timeline has been flooded with beautiful selfies and heartfelt messages of love and support from people all over the world. I’m not sure where the idea for this event originated but I’m glad it did. I’ve gotten so much love on my own photos and it’s a good feeling. So many times, people get overlooked but today I feel like everyone is there for everyone. Hopefully this lasts and can be a reoccurring event.

The sad thing is that while there is so much positive energy and love, there is also anger, ignorance, and hate. Some people thought it was a good idea to start a counteractive hashtag called #whiteout. Others are adding hateful comments to people’s selfies. My question to those are: Why are you so threatened by the idea of black people supporting one another? How does me posting a selfie affect your life? Why are you full of such hate? In my mind, the idea of hating people with such intensity sounds tiring. I have so many other things in my life to focus my energy on.

I don’t have the answers for everything and thankfully I don’t need to. I’m grateful for my faith for reassuring me that those who speak evil, who actively and purposely try to damage others will see the ramifications of their actions one day. Whether it be in this life or the next, they will see.

So, enough with the heavy! Go out and reblog and take some beautiful selfies. Visit me on tumblr @karebearkhaos and let me know if you want me to reblog your stuff.

Kira Elise



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