Song of the Week

This week my pick is Don’t Kill the Fun by Sevyn Streeter feat. Chris Brown. The songwriter turned artist continues to release music that I love to put on repeat.The R&B song has an interesting mix of samples and break downs that make me want to roll down my windows and blast it.  My favorite line comes in the chorus. The lyric says, “Let’s be undeniable.” I will admit when the song first came out I wasn’t in love with it, but on my second and third listens I found myself bobbing my head a bit. Now, I can’t stop singing it.

There was a bit of confusion when the song came out because Sevyn had not officially released it yet, but some radio stations were already playing it. Sevyn soon took to twitter and posted the version that was meant to be released. I couldn’t even tell the difference between the two versions.

Despite the mix up, I think the song is doing pretty good. If you learn one thing about me it’s that I’m a major fangirl for certain people. So, I got pretty hyped when Sevyn replied to my tweet after I mentioned the song. Imagine me texting my friends like “OH MY GOD SHE REPLIED!” It was ridiculous. Strangely, Lupe Fiasco retweeted my brother that same week.

Anyways, remember that Chris Brown and Sevyn also collaborated on It Won’t Stop so I’m sure they know their way around each other in the studio. It probably doesn’t hurt that they’re also good friends.

I think this one will be another hit for the pair. Sevyn was a writer on Chris’ songs Fine China, Next You, and Strip. She’s also credited with writing or at least co-writing The Way, performed by Ariana Grande and New Day, performed by Alicia Keys. I’m excited to see what the rest of Sevyn’s album sounds like.Check out the video for Don’t Kill the Fun below.



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