Better Late Than Never

Hello loves! It’s well into the new year and I’m finally back. I didn’t think my last semester of college would keep me so busy, especially since I was under the assumption that my classes were going to be more fun than work. I can say the only class that meets that criteria is my Mass Media and Society class. It’s entertaining and interesting to watch movies, television shows, advertisements, and listen to music and analyze the messages they send to their audiences and how it can impact people. No, papers aren’t fun but the ones I’ve been writing for this class are a lot less stressful than campaign proposals and research papers.

In 2015, I want to dedicate more time to my writing and really shaping this blog around what my peers want to see and talk about. With that said, I will be reaching out on my various social media accounts to get feedback on what content I will be posting. That doesn’t mean that everything I talk about will be the most popular stuff. I will still talk about my favorite shows and my life. So be on the look out within the next week or so for new content, and maybe even sooner if I practice those time management skills that teachers try to drill into your head.

Have a good week everyone and leave comments if you want me to talk or feature something specifically.


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