Song of a The Week

Happy Monday everyone! My pick for song of the week is Stay With Me by Sam Smith.  If you haven’t heard it take a listen below and even if you have, listen again because your ears need more awesomeness.

The first time I heard him sing was on Disclosure’s song Latch. I was hooked on that song for a while. When I was on ITunes last week I saw his name again in the new releases and had to check his new album out. I listened to the preview for this song and feel in love.

The soulful song is built around Smith’s smooth vocals that go from light and airy to heavy and full of soul. The addition of back up vocals create a beautiful song about wanting someone’s company even though you know they don’t love you. Sam’s style reminds me of a mix of Adele and John Legend.
Sam also performed this song and Lay Me Down on the Jimmy Fallon show last week. Check out his performances here. If the rest of the album is as good as this song I will definitely by listening in.

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