Thought Of The Day: Oversharing on Social Media

Happy Friday everyone! My thought today has to deal with oversharing on social media.

 This morning, I was on Instagram and I saw a student athlete from my school post a screenshot of a text message conversation between him and his mother. The conversation was about how she was short on rent and needed a little of extra money. He happily agreed to help her out. He’s a very successful athlete with a very good chance of going pro, so I’m not surprised that he has the means to help her out. What annoyed me was that he felt the need to share this screenshot on Instagram. This just might be my opinion by I feel that things like this should be kept private. It’s wonderful that he can provide for his mother and give back to her after she raised him but I don’t think it’s necessary to share the conversation for the digital world to see.
It felt like when a celebrity does something nice that seems genuine that just happens to be caught by the paparazzi or even posted on their social media page. No need to force the world to think you’re an amazing person. Your actions and other post will do a good job of showing who you are as a person.

Going off on a side note, this applies to other relationships as well. Arguments online with significant others, friends, and even people you don’t like do not look good. Handle problems privately. You look very immature posting hateful things about someone or going back and forth.
Now if you’re having a debate, make sure it’s healthy. We tend to shoot down people’s opinions rather rudely. Just tell someone you disagree and tell them why. Don’t resort to name calling. If they disrespect you be the better person. End the conversation or just don’t stoop to their level.
This is important because employers are online now more than ever. You don’t want to miss out on an amazing employment opportunity because you had an argument with your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend publically for all of Twitter to see.
Those are my thoughts for today. Have a great Friday everyone. Let me know what you think about the points I made. I would love to hear your opinions.

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