Thought of the Day

Hello lovely people! I hope you all had a good, non-stressful weekend and Monday. The inspiration for my thought of the day came from some comments I saw on Instagram the other day. I came across a Justin Bieber fan ,or Belieber as they call themselves, who was advocating for fans to rally together and use the hashtag JusticeforJustin.

Bieber was in the news this week for his involvement in the egging of his neighbors house. Authorities showed up and found drugs on the premises which resulted in the arrest of 20 year-old rapper Lil Za. His real name is Xavier Smith.

Bieber and Lil Za dancing during Justin’s tour
My whole issue with some of his fans is that they seem to be blindly following and supporting Bieber. No matter what he does and all the actions that have landed him in the news he’s still their idol. And yes, to some point it shows loyalty but the group think mentality of “Bieber can do no wrong” or the idea that other people are making him look bad is ridiculous.
These young girls at some point have to realize that he is behaving in a way that should not be idolized or accepted. As his fans they should want him to get his act together instead of jumping to conclusions.
Bieber does a good enough job by himself, without the police allegedly damaging his reputation. I’m not saying the police were correct in storming his house for an egg throwing incident, but it was crime that needed to be investigated. It probably shouldn’t have warranted a huge force with weapons and such, but that’s another issue.

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