Thought of The Day

“Is that the look now?”

Over the course of my winter break my mom has asked me countless times about my outfit choices. Today, as she asked me, I really thought about. Is what I’m wearing the look? Am I keeping up with style trends that I see in magazines and all over other blogs? And my honest answer was probably not.

As much as I love fashion and looking at what the trends are, I’ve never based my wardrobe or an entire outfit after them. When I shop, I look for pieces that I like or think look cool. Partially, that is buying into the trends because store will sell what’s hot to make a profit. The only place you would find something that’s not “in” would be the thrift store, which I love to visit every now and then. I can’t say I’m not inspired by images I’ve seen. All I can say is in the future if my finances permit it I may purchase some big name style pieces but for now I’m working with what I got. Whether or not my looks are “the” looks won’t be a priority.


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