Song of the Week

Hello lovely people!

The song I chose for this week is Flawless by Beyonce‘ or shall I say King Bey! When her album was released out of the blue the Beyhive and the rest of the world went crazy. If you use any type of social networks, or even watch the news I’m sure you saw more than a few people talking about it or articles sharing in the craziness. My roommate literally danced around the room when she bought the album.

I love this song because she mixed Bow Down, which I thought was going to be a single by itself, and made it a whole new song. The song features a segment from author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Tedxtalk. This segment and the song in itself tells a power story of empowerment for women.  

We live in a society where women are constantly told we’re not pretty enough, that we’re not living up to society’s standard of a woman. The word flawless isn’t even thrown around for celebrities. Critics always find something to pick at. 
This song let’s girls know that they wake up flawless. That the are perfect the way they are and should not let society sway how they see themselves and limit their ambitions. Also, the bass and groove in this song makes me want to dance and just get down. What’s your favorite song from Beyonce’s new album?

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