Song of the Week

Hello lovely people. Here’s another look at the music I love!

My two songs for this week are Ain’t It Fun by Paramore and Harlem by New Politics.

I’ve been fan of Paramore for a long time. People always complain about bands and artist changing their sound but in my mind that’s apart of being in the music industry. Styles and the vibe of every album is never going to be the same. Paramore is still the same Paramore to me even with their new self-titled album. Jeremy, Hayley, and Taylor are the perfect trio in my eyes. Check out Ain’t It Fun and the rest of their album which includes Part II, which is what it sounds like; a continuation of We Are Broken from their 2007 album RIOT!. The album also features Still Into You, which you’ve probably heard on the radio or Pandora.

My second song is Harlem by New Politics. I first heard this song on Pandora and it had me dancing around my room in a dance party of one. I love the fun beat. I’m not too familiar with New Politics but this song makes me want to hear some of their other music.

I’m sure Hip Hop fans have been listening to Control by Big Sean to hear Kendrick Lamar’s verse that mentioned a number of rappers including Big Sean himself, Drake, Wale, and A.S.A.P Rocky. Everyone’s on the lookout for response tracks. Some are coming out from rappers who weren’t even mentioned in the song. The gifs and memes that have been coming out are hilarious too.

Don’t judge me solely on my picks for songs of the week! I do listen to rap just not as much as other genres. Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.


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