Songs of the Week

Hey lovely people!

This week I’m going to share the songs that have been stuck in my head last week and this week.

First up is Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey.

I know the song isn’t new because it’s from the Great Gatsby Soundtrack, but it’s been growing on me. I’m not a huge Lana Del Rey fan but I like this song.

My next pick is Without Me by Fantasia featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott.

This song is a huge comeback for Fantasia. It’s been a while since any of her music has really made it big. Came across this song when the video(Below) came out on VEVO. The ladies killed this song. I’ve been jamming to this for two weeks now.

Here’s the video!

My last pick for this week is Holy Grail by Jay-Z featuring Justin Timberlake.

These two have done it once again but in reverse. I find myself continuously singing Justin’s part of the song even when I’m not thinking about it. The song is off of Jay’s new album Magana Carter Holy Grail so you know the title song had to be hot and Jay did not disappoint.

That’s all folks! Let me know what you think of these songs and what you’ve been listening to on repeat this week.


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